The American Roadtrip

The Trip

After 2 months of working in San Francisco and saving up as much money as physically possible, whilst maintaining an enjoyable social life, I had devised a pretty impressive roadtrip to cram in as many highlights and ‘Western wonders’ as I could.
I would be travelling on my own for about 3 weeks across 4 states and through 9 national parks for over 2,500 miles.

The Plan:

Day 1: Up at 4am and leave for Yosemite to get there for sunrise. I would then spend the day exploring all the floor trails across the valley  and take the mist trail up to Nevada falls in the evening. 
Day 2:
Obtain a wilderness permit and then visit Mirror lake in the morning,At Midday climb up 3,500 ft to either Eagle Peak summit above Yosemite falls or the Panoramic trail. Camp out in the wild up at the summit which should be a highlight.
Day 3: Up for sunrise over the valley. Descend the mountain back to the valley for midday. Head to the tunnel view for sunset.
Day 4: Up early to continue the drive through the Sierra Nevada mountain range to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park. Camp.
Day 5: Head to Bakersfield to stock up on supplies before driving through Death Valley and Area 51 to Vegas.
Day 6: Vegas- its my birthday! Staying at Caesars Palace. Meet up with friends and party.
Day 7: Vegas pool party, party, party.
Day 8: Vegas, Steve Aoki in the evening at MGM.
Day 9: Head to VOSF national park and then on to Zion national Park- trek the Emerald pools in the eve.
Day 10: Zion- trek the Narrows!!
Day 11: Zion- Hike Angels Landing- the 3rd most dangerous hike in the world!
Day 12: Zion- Explore the floor trails and the white throne ect. Head to Bryce Canyon in the Evening.
Day 13: Bryce Canyon a full day of floor trails and head to Page at night.
Day 14: Lower Antelope Canyon (Can’t wait) and the Horseshoe Canyon, explore Page.
Day 15: Head to the Grand Canyon and camp.
Day 16: Trek down the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon and camp.
Day 17: Head back out of the Grand Canyon and to Phoenix in the eve.
Day 18: Joshua tree national park and camp.
Day 19: Head to San Diego
Day 20: San Diego- its Cinco de Mayo a massive Mexican festival!
Day 21: Head up the Coast to LAX, meet friends.
Day 22: Explore LA and then head to the Big Sur in the eve, camp.
Day 23: Continue to drive up the coast, stopping at all the Santa towns and finally return to San Fran.
Day 24: Reminisce.

Clearly its going to be quite a challenge. I will be hiking up mountains, wading through rivers, Cayoneering into valleys and meandering through the tallest trees in the world for about 5-6 hours a day, almost every day. But its going to be worth it for view like this:

From top to bottom: Lower Antelope Canyon, Angels Landing (Zion), The Narrows (Zion), Tunnel View (Yosemite).

I’ve done as much research as I could to really pack in as much as realistically possible while absorbing my main highlights: Zion, Yosemite and the Antelope Canyons. To be fair the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree and the Big Sur drive up the Coast isn’t going to be too shabby either. I had never even heard of Zion before I came to America but stumbled across it while planning the trip- It looks like Jurassic Park!

Again, this wouldn’t be possible without the helping hands of John Lundy and the Bakamis’ who between them are providing me with a 4×4 truck, complete camping gear and some further guides and advise. I’m more than fortunate to have been helped out in such a way, because renting a car for example isn’t cheap and it would have blown my whole budget. Instead I can waste all my money in Vegas and then only really have to buy fuel (gas) and some supplies to keep me going.

Now all I need to do is buy a tripod for my camera- as I really want to take this as a chance to explore my DSLR and work out how to actually take cool photos- and get out there and explore the Western states.


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