About Me

Ruairi Cassidy.

A graduate architect who went travelling to explore the world and tick off personal goals. Inspired by blogs- as a means to find new places and share similar experiences- I set up my own, which, although aims to be informative, will at least serve as a personal memoirs to my own experiences when I am working a dead-end 9-5 job.

The name is derived from the constant spiel that is not so uncommon when living up the backpacking life. I realised that I too like to ramble on about my stories and this often required shutting down.
This blog therefore acts as a medium where I can recount my tales to their full extent….Yeah Cool Story Bro! 


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Somehow I came across your blog while researching something about Joshua Tree Natinal Park. I ended up looking at a lot of your pictures. Reading your excitement about exploring the intoxicating landscape of the western U.S. is quite contagious, even to someone who’s bounced around this third of the continent repeatedly.
    Somewhere I read that you did not make to a spot (in Yosemite, perhaps) which led me to want to send you a picture of it. Trouble is, I don’t remember precisely the location… If your memory is sharper than mine, shoot me an email at firecrackerdewd@hotmail.com. Are you planning a return trip?

  2. Ruairi and ohheyitssam- You’re so right about the special areas in Arizona and others such as #shiprock New Mexico!

    If ever you’re interested in the area as it was in the later 30s and 40s, take a look at this post http://bit.ly/1dJmPlb which talks about my grandparents life on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Very interesting comparison to our life and travel today.

  3. Hi Ruairi! So nice to meet you! I’m Sam, and I just happen to be from one of those geological warhorses you mentioned–Arizona, actually. I’m glad you loved it here. It really is a very special place. I think most people would say the same of their home, but I can’t help being biased! Our politics are particularly terrible in this state, but the landscape is hard to beat.

    Thanks for the follow, by the way! I’m looking forward to reading more about your travels!

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