Thailand: Phuket

Asia Day 34


With Indonesia now ticked off, our next port of call was Thailand, starting with Phuket.
Here, we would meet up with Jack, Clarey and Wallace- friends from home who would spend the next two weeks through the Southern Islands for my birthday before heading up to Bangkok, where they would head back home.

If we thought Indonesia was a little weird, rough around the edges and kooky then it was nothing compared to Phuket. This place was weird on a completely different and altogether messed up level; Old European men -rejected within their own societies- chaperoned little Asian girls through the bar streets, ladyboys-6ft tall-pranced around in their underwear and a continuous supply of Thai women lured you into the street-side bars with the promise to play Connect-Four…

And then there’s the ping-pong shows…


…Terrapins…Shrimp…a Budgie…Ping pong balls….all plonked out of some Thai lass. Gobsmacked, but wait for the finale…As we were handed balloons this woman had turned her piece into a dart blow-pipe- wafting out the darts and bursting our balloons….fucking mental!

Ritualised into this small shithole of Thailand, we hit Tiger Bar and enjoyed a good catch-up with our familiar faces.


In the end it doesn’t matter how weird or strange the surroundings, with a handful of good mates and some beer and you feel at home. A handful of beers and shots later and we were inevitably on one of Phuket’s many bar-crawls, drinking our way through the night and into the morning. 5


It was a hell of a place to meet and greet our mates, but one night is enough for me here….lets get to Phi Phi!


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