Goodbye Indonesia: Labuan Bajo to Bali

Asia Day 33

We retraced our 500 mile boat trip with a $25, 1 hour flight from what could just have easily been a farm field back to Bali.
When we were dropped off at the farm shack, we had to wait an extra 3 hours for our delayed propeller plane.

Lionair were kind enough to at least serve us up a box of free food- some sort of inedible jelly, that we managed to squish into a bouncy ball and play a few games with to pass the time.

Most of our boat crew were waiting for the same plane and as the delay continued, tales of Indonesia’s pretty slack air safety record began to spread. When the twin propelled plane, did eventually chug to the departure shack it didn’t exactly settle any nerves.

The flight however was perfectly fine and, due to the extremely low altitude that we flew at, one of the more memorable, as we were given an aerial tour of all the islands and turquoise waters that we had spent the last 4 days Sailing through.

85 83 84

We reached Bali, this time avoiding getting scammed by the local taxi wannabees and checked into a small hotel by the beach before spending our last night in this addictively crazy country out on the strip at Sky Garden.

Selamat tinggal Indonesia! 


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