Borneo: Kota Kinabalu

Asia Days 16 and 17

We had now ventured a half turn east through Sabah and had to get the whole way back to the west to Kota Kinabalu- the primary transportation port into and out of Sabah and where we were due to catch our flight to Bali.

This required a 10 hour night bus, which wore scars and smashes across the window screen- damage either by rocks or bullets- either way this was not what we wanted to see and made us very nervous for our first overnight trip!


In truth it wasn’t all that bad and despite little to no sleep we rocked up in Kota Kinabalu at 5am. As we were flying out later that evening, we had no need for a hostel. Fortunately, we were travelling with Dan- a quirky fellow who had more or less followed a similar track across Borneo and more importantly had a hostel/ guesthouse reservation for a few nights! We ended up kipping on the sofas in the common space until we were woken by the owner at about 8am.

Like most of the people we met in Borneo, she was very welcoming and instead of kicking us out- which we kind of expected- she made us breakfast.
After doing our best to catch up on sleep, we restocked our necessary supplies, before heading out for a walk around the city. This was cut short as we were suddenly caught in the middle of a thunder storm.


With little else to do we made our way to the airport, leaving behind a generous tip to the land-lady. Our flight was somewhat delayed due the storm, giving us all the more time to recount everything we had done in the last 10 days and it wasn’t at all a bad list…

…From seeing wild Orangutans, elephants, rhino, gibbons and leopard cats; Trekking through the most dense, oldest and unexplored forests in the world; and diving with tornados of Jackfish and Giant Turtles- Borneo has truly been a sublime experience, far surpassing any prior expectations and dreams of which there were many. Onto Bali!


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