Kuala Lumpur

Asia Days 4 and 5

We took the 5 hour bus drive for $30 to Kuala Lumpur. The bus was far above our expectations- huge leg-room, large reclining chairs and even had a massage system- flashpackers!!

We arrived at Times Square, the second largest mall in Kuala Lumpur and right opposite our £4 twin room hostel.
Times Square marks the start of the Golden Triangle, the busiest and liveliest region of Singapore that stretches up to Petronas Towers and to Singapore Tower. Indeed it was absolutely crazy- and hosted a nightlife far more lively than I had associated with Kuala Lumpur.

Bar Region Kuala Lumpur

We settled into the hostel, making light work of the £1.20 beer that the hostel offered. We were advised by the Hostel Owner to check out the Bar Region, only 10 minutes from our hostel- perhaps as a means to get rid of us!
The street comprises of about 30 bars, all lined up next to one another, each with their own special ‘happy prices’ and promotions to entice as many foreigners in as possible.

I would like to think this was a regular Saturday night in Kuala Lumpur, but I was informed that this weekend the FutureMusic Sound Festival was taking place, and was actually cancelled on Friday due to a number of drug overdoses on the previous day. Therefore everyone who was supposed to attend the festival had now made their way to the bar district.
Either way we made the most of the fairly cheap drink and managed to watch the Premier League matches live for the first time in 2 months!

Petronas Towers

We were back at the Bar district the following day, this time to watch the Melbourne Formula One- the first of the season. The bar offered us a 60RM all you can drink ‘beer buffet’ from the start of the race to the end of the race- it was well worth it!

2 3 1Race finished and bodily functions laging, we headed to the Petronas Towers, taking the monorail a few stops up the road.
By now it was dark- definitely the best way to view the towers as they began to light up. They looked incredible, giving off a luxurious silver shine.




We took a walk through the mall situated below the towers and then out to the gardens to the rear, where a water fountain display and light-show had attracted the crowds.


We headed back to the Bar District, catching the rest of the Premier League Football and feasting on the cheap local noodles. Our time in KL wasn’t quite as cultural as Singapore, but who can complain with cheap beer, cheaper noodles and football! Tomorrow we’re off to Borneo- hopefully we get to see some Orangutans!


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