Singapore: Day 3: The City Continued

Asia Day 3

Having covered so much ground in the previous day, we took our third and final day in Singapore a lot slower.
There were really only two places left on the list to cover- the first of which was Little India, and, after making the most of the free breakfast at the Green Kiwi Hostel- (again it was impressive and not just the usual toast and Jam that most of the ‘free breakfast’ hostels offer) we set on our walk towards the Indian district.

We passed a couple of smaller Hindu Temples, before eventually deciding to amble into one of the larger ones- the first time I had been in a Hindu Temple.



We entered the real heart of the district- the food and market stalls where, despite breakfasting only an hour earlier, we couldn’t help but be tempted by the curries on offer; We both decided on the curry-stall with the longest queue- generally the safest option- opting for the Chicken Biriyani and Naan Bread. It was the first time I had ever seen Naan Bread cooked in its traditional way- pasted onto the walls of a big oval oven and left to rise- pretty cool.
We joined a table of locals and tucked in, using a knife and fork, to the displeasure of the couple next to us, who insisted we eat it properly with our hands- when in ….India!
The Biriyani was amazing- and for just £2.50 it stands as one of the best meals I’ve ever had!

49 50We continued our cultural tour through Little India, blitzing through the various food, meat and fish markets before heading towards Bugis Street- known for its ridiculously cheap shopping stalls.


Along the way we spontaneously dropped in at the University complex and City Design Centre to observe some of the exhibits on show during the Singapore Design Week. We classified this as study and research for our own University projects…always working!

52 51

Bugis Street was a gazebo maze of fashion and food markets. I was expecting the same usual tat that is associated with almost all of these markets worldwide-but this was more like Spitalfield markets in East London- chaotic, but with fairly classy and good quality clothing for fairly affordable prices. We spent a good hour foraging through the labyrinth and trying on locally produced clothing attire- all of which were too small despite upgrading to a ‘L’ tag for the first time in my life.

Content that we had seen everything we wanted to across the city and delved in the local culture, we headed back down to the Marina again for a few final quirky photos.


A small arts festival outside the Marina Esplande Theatre, grabbed our attention and kick backed with a few beers, watching a few bands play against the Marina backdrop.

56 5557 58

As the sun dipped, we watched the nightly laser show from the Marina, before retreating back to the hostel. We drank on the rooftop with some people from our room and with ambitions to head to Zouk. However a bottle of Jim Beam and a few rounds of Tiger Beer, none of us were in a state to head out anywhere- bad form!


59 Nonetheless Singapore was a blast! A lot better than I had anticipated… Next up Kuala Lumpur!!


3 thoughts on “Singapore: Day 3: The City Continued

  1. The photo where you’re jumping is really cool 🙂 I went to Singapore but only for a few hours as it was just a stopover. I actually wasn’t too impressed but reading your post about it makes me want to go back and re-think my decision!

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