Singapore: Day 2: Exploring the City

Asia Day 2

We rose early, ensuring we would make the most out of the day and cram in as much of the city hot-spots as we possible could.

Our sprawl started at Orchard Road- the premier retail and entertainment road in Singapore and home to dozens of equally lavish and peculiar malls.



We spent the morning hustling down the street, but although most of the cut-price offers were appealing, it was never our intention to splash out, with so much of our trip still ahead of us and a rapidly deteriorating budget.

We retreated from the shopping chaos in Fort Canning Park, before ambling our way over to Chinatown- a far cry stranger and weirder than the sort you get in London!
Animal feet, pickled brains, dried shark fin, Sea-cucumbers- and those were the things I could make out- God knows what the other stuff was!
It probably wasn’t the best idea to head here before our lunch stop at Clarke Quay!

12 11



Nonetheless, an empty stomach prevails, and after a quick gander around the Quay to assess our options, we decided an all you can eat local Buffet for $10 was too good to turn down.


We certainly made the most of that $10- rolling up our fill of sushi in napkins for late; the perks of travelling on a budget! More napkins please!




We really couldn’t move much after lunch and therefore spent the next few hours pottering about around Clark Quay- perhaps the go to place for affordable restaurants, good entertainment and a decent nightlife in Singapore.
There are also a lot of boat tours from here that head out into the Marina, which was our next point of call.

The Marina, is one of the most famed in the world and from an architectural point of view, is stunning!
We followed the perimeter of the Bay, starting in downtown Singapore at the Merlion checkpoint- where flocks of Chinese tourists were just as keen to take photos of us than the Merlion.

17 18 19 20 21

We then followed the F1 racetrack right around by the bay and to the starting paddocks. Queue, quirky F1 photo!


25 29 26

Finally the Helix bridge connects the bay to Marina Bay Sands and the Art/Science museum, which, with evening now drawing closer and the city lights beginning to emerge, became even more spectacular.



22 33

Cutting through the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall, we crossed over to the Gardens by the Bay to catch the sunset light show.
Again, I’ve seen so many pictures of this place in award ceremonies and architectural propaganda, that it was pretty strange actually being here!





We spent an hour meandering through the Gardens, before setting up our spot to watch the show- very Disney-world/ Epcot-esque!



The day wouldn’t have been complete without venturing up to the famous Marina Bay Sands Pool, to get the perfect night-time panorama of the city. A stunning way to end an exhausting day!

43 42 41 40 44 39

Botanical Gardens by the Bay Nightshow: Free: ***
Marina Bay Sands Roof Deck at night: $23: ****


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