New Zealand South: Queenstown

Days 28,29,30,31

Queenstown is epic and lives up to all the hype that we had heard from fellow Kiwi- travellers across our entire exploration of New Zealand. As enjoyable as a place it would be to start a tour of New Zealand, I think it is best experienced as the final stop- the big blow out and party with almost all the people you have met and encountered along the whole tour.


I could definitely spend a lot of time here. Surrounded by mountains, forests, valleys and a huge lake, there’s plenty to do here and always something going on. And while the surrounding landscape is bliss and peaceful, the nights are crazy and full-on. Karaoke with our entire friend-set of Kiwi-revellers at Cowboys bar was a highlight as was the Q-Town bar-crawl that featured the Ice-Bar. Our parrot-shirts that went down a storm the first night, spectacularly backfired on a second night-as we became instantly recognisable for our shenanigans the night before. All of this added to the experience and while we often woke up with a heavy head the next day, a walk around the lake or small hike into the forests or parks provided instant hangover cures.

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Once a walk or daily activity spent around the lake had freshened us up from the night before, the routine started once more and there are plenty of pre-drink spots to settle into before the nightly mayhem repeats.


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As mentioned in the previous post, Nomads hostel serves up a free breakfast (endless toast and jam) and then a free dinner (ranging from chicken to spag-bol). Its not Michelin star, but  was particularly useful in helping us try and restrict ourselves to a daily budget. The only other thing we ate during the day/after a heavy night out was a Fergberger. Again, the hype around Fergberger didn’t disappoint and is definitely worth the daily wait. I managed 7 different burgers in 6 days. The pies are also highly recommended and equally good.
Tip: The Big Al is too much! Little Lamby and the Big Stuff were personal favourites!


Nomads is a great hostel, but they did get a little irritant with their constant alcohol checks and persistent berating at us for our ‘excessive’ noise levels. Our room in particular was on the rowdy and more lively side and we perhaps did overstep the mark a few times, but it was all in good jest and made our stay in Queenstown even more memorable. We weren’t there to hold back- this was our final blast with the people we had spent the last month with before we left for Asia and we wanted to do it right and leave New Zealand with a completely unforgettable experience. It seemed the perfect closing to a country which, is without doubt, the most incredible I’ve ever been!

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