New Zealand South: Arrival in Queenstown

Day 27

To Queenstown

Bags packed, we waited outside the bus- still unsure as to whether there would be enough room to accommodate us.
As it turned out there were two spare seats on the bus, meaning the other two of us would have to hitch-hike so we could all meet together for our first night out with the group in Queenstown.
We flipped a coin and Jay and myself won…see ya lads!


While Will and Ben prepared themselves for their hitch-hike adventure- something secretly I was a little envious of- the bus drove us to Puzzle World- our activity stop just outside Wanaka before we drove the short distance to the adventure capital of the Southern hemisphere!
The maze was perhaps the highlight of the place and although it was a fun little stop, we were just as eager to be back on the road and get to Queenstown where we were to be reunited with everyone we had met and befriended throughout the Kiwi Experience.

After no more than an hour on the road, we got our first glimpse of the ‘Remarkables’- the aptly named towering mountain range that serves as the protector for Queenstown. Much of the Lord of the Rings was filmed up in these mountains, which in Winter become one of the top ski resorts in New Zealand.

AJ Hackett Bungy

As we made our way towards Queenstown we pulled over at the AJ Hackett Bungy quarters so we could book our places onto the famous Nevis jump and for those who wanted to jump the ‘baby’ 43m Kawarau bridge bungy.
About 6 people decided to go for the Kawarau jump and not going to lie it was pretty nerve-racking just watching them especially knowing that I had just signed up to jump off a sky platform more than 3 times higher! Fuck!




After 27 days of travelling all over New Zealand we had reached Queenstown, constantly talked up and hyped by everyone we met as the best place in New Zealand! Already everyone was buzzed and filled with adrenaline from watching or signing up to a bungy jump and we were all equally excited to be reunited with our fellow travelers.
We were given a quick guide through the town, which is easily manageable due to its small size and headed out to the lake where the bus stopped for a few photos.


Lakeside, waiting for us were Will and Ben, who had not only managed to arrive long before us, but had also secured an 8 person room, for our whole group for the next 4 nights. Hopping back on the bus, it was agreed that we would all meet up later- Bods, our driver included for our first night out in ‘Q-Town.’


We were dropped off at our hostel, Nomads ($32 NZ), which situated right on the lake and with a large open fire common room and free breakfast and dinner- not to mention that EVERYONE was staying here- proved to be one of the best hostels we’ve encountered.
After dumped our things in the room we found most of the familiar faces from the buses ahead of us spread out on the coaches, hungover from their previous night’s antics.

After catching up with almost everyone, we orientated ourselves around the city and, knowing that the theme for the the night’s drinking activities was to be ‘shirts’, delved into a pretty wacky, collective purchase- shorts included.

As planned, we met up with everyone outside the hostel, proudly wearing our ridiculous new shirts and drank the night away. An epic start to the end of our New Zealand adventure.



2 1

Nomads Hostel: $32 NZ / £16: ****

Parrot Shirts (+ Shorts): $30 NZ/ £15:  Make your own mind up


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