New Zealand South: Matheson Mirror Lake

NZ: Day 26

An Early Rise

Our two nights of partying with our other Kiwi revelers in Franz Josef had expired and we were all nursing pretty grim hangovers.
The early rise and Bods shouting his usual morning wake up calls through the microphone did little to help, ‘Aotearoa. Aotearoa. Aotearoa, this is the land of the long white cloud, wake up, its going to be a p for awesome day!’- the guy is bonkers! Look at the state of him…

bodsº º º

Lake Matheson

We had only been on the bus about 30 minutes and had already come to a stop for a short 40 minute hike and breakfast stop. Bearing in mind everyone was semi-paralytic and it was absolutely freezing outside we were all pretty reluctant to get off the bus. But thankfully we did, as Lake Matheson preserves one of New Zealand’s greatest gems and the best mirror lake I’ve ever seen.

Collectively, we shivered through a fog-soaked meadow, which was overlooked by Mount Cook, New Zealands highest mountain. This was proper Lord of the Rings territory.


We reached the lake itself and for a brief moment the hangover had disappeared. Unanimously we agreed that the view was absolutely unbelievable. There wasn’t a ripple in the glass surface- at least not until we dipped out toes in the water- and we sat for a good 20 minutes, watching the fog gently lift from the surface and Mount Cook reveal itself through the haze. Truly stunning.


We completed our rotation of the lake, grabbed a hot chocolate at the visitors centre and jumped back on the bus, ready to head down to Wanaka. We marveled at our photos for a good while and flipped them upside down with no alteration to the image. Still, they couldn’t quite capture the awe of the lake in reality! Another New Zealand marvel!

Lake Matheson: *****


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