New Zealand North: Windy Wellington

NZ: Day 19

Back to the Capital

We left River Valley at noon, making our way to the Southern most tip of the North Island and the capital, Wellington.
This was our second visit to Wellington on the trip and once again it didn’t live up to its name as being the ‘Windy City’- instead it was about 30°.

Once again, we were logging at Base Hostel ($28) which, now that we had formed a formidable bond with everyone, was a lot more enjoyable.

I was pretty ill for most of the day- the first time I had felt a little unwell since leaving England- however, after a few vitamin C’s and a bit of rest I managed to get out and have a decent look around the city. Nice place.

18 14 15

Down by the Harbor there was some sort of Dragonboating competition going on, which was enough cause for the local teens to start diving and jumping off the bridge into the water.


° ° °

Farewell to the North

Come the evening, we once again settled into our usual ritual of getting absolutely trashed together. It was our last night in the North Island of New Zealand and for a couple of people it was the end of the road, as they were departing from Wellington. Therefore, it gave a great excuse to really make a big effort and go hard!

No doubt one of the highlights of the trip so far was seeing Jay, in a weird, stupid attempt to cheer up Jess (who was throwing her guts up in the girls loo) strip down naked, perfect the mangina and waddle around like a girl and head into the girls loo only to be stopped by the female manager who happened to be coming out of the toilets at the exact same time. Jay was literally thrown out onto the streets, naked, despite his ridiculous protests that it was a joke and not some sort of rape act.
Later Jay and Paul would wrestle in a kebab shop, with Jay managing to wrap Paul up like a hot dog in a carpet and throw him over the counter!
Farewell the North, you were absolutely immense!!

Base Hostel: $28 / £14    **

Seeing Jay get thrown out on his arse  *****


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