Hong Kong: Victoria Peak, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui

We woke up, checked out of the hostel, left our bags and headed to the East, this time to Causeway Bay another tour of the skyscrapers and city life. The shops here were much richer and more glamorous than Wan Chai and the buildings, like the central hub, were slick and aesthetically built. Here are a few..




We continued through the mazed streets of the Causeway, making our way to Victoria Park, where people were busy working out and practicing yoga- Tai Chi and Qi- preparing themselves mentally for the day ahead. Honestly, it was like a scene from Dawn of the Dead with everyone monging about like zombies, clapping their hands and shouting out while completing ballet pirouettes- I’ve never experienced anything like it.


IMG_0862 ° ° °

Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)

We then headed down to the ferry terminal and caught the 15p boat over to the opposing island to Tsim Sha Tsui. Here, we walked along the sea-front, admiring both the buildings along the promenade and more specifically the fantastic panorama of the city skyline- this is definitely the best view of Hong Kong from ground level.



We took a walk along the Avenue of the Stars, a walk similar to that in Los Angeles- except we had no idea who 98% of the people were. We awaited in anticipation for the hand prints of Jackie Chan and Jet-Li- the only two people we were familiar with. To amuse us we once again hunted down the most amusing names- Li Tit- a worthy winner!



Completing our loop along the promenade, we found ourselves back at the ferry port and headed back across into Hong Kong to tick off our final tourist must- Victoria Peak.

° ° °
Victoria Peak

Unlike our first failed attempt on a Saturday evening, the queues were much smaller and more manageable.
We paid about £7 for our return tram ticket to the peak. The tram was pretty awesome- inclining up a 60 degree slope all the way to the Sky-view Terrace at the Peak.

As expected the view from the Sky Terrace at the top was stunning. The sun was just beginning to set over the mountains and the light grazed the tips of the skyscrapers adding a soft hue to the condensed city. It was awesome- albeit incredibly windy and pretty cold.





We observed from the peak for a half hour and then forebode to the relentless wind and headed for the shopping centre.
We grabbed a pretty awesome dinner, warmed up, watched the sun set across the other side of the peak- a complete wilderness in comparison to the concrete and glass jungle on the more famous side- and then went back to the sky terrace to observe the chaos of the night skyline.



The skyline is busiest and most magnificent at night. The buildings compete with each other to become the most glamorous and most illuminated building in the Hong Kong sky. Its a pretty awesome sight- one that draws a huge crowd and is definitely the most sought after tourist attraction to do whilst in Hong Kong.




We took the tram back down at about 8 o’clock, gathered our things from the hostel and then made our way to the airport to catch our 11 o’clock, 10 hour flight to Melbourne; 3 pretty hectic days in Hong Kong – we crammed in a pretty awesome trip and did so in probably just the right period of time!


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